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Tours that visit Armenia

  • Spirit of Armenia - 9 Days
  • A cultural exploration of the prehistoric, pagan and early Christian sites of this landlocked country. Travel in the shadow of biblical Mt Ararat and across high mountain passes to discover remote monasteries, ancient burial grounds and forbidding fortresses.

  • Journey Through Georgia and Armenia - 14 Days
  • Georgia and its neighbour Armenia share a common history, but are also very different, and this two week tour reveals the similarities and contrasts between these two fascinating countries. Travelling along the ancient Silk Road, wander through remote monasteries and medieval towns, admire spectacular mountain views in the lofty Caucasus, and learn about the turbulent past of Tbilisi and Yerevan.

  • Across The Caucasus - 14 Days
  • Discover the contrasts between the three Transcaucasian states on this two-week journey through Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. From ancient fire temples and monasteries perched high in the mountains to prehistoric rock carvings and volcanic landscapes, this fascinating region offers a wealth of ever-changing sights.

Featured Hotels

Mirhav Hotel - Goris, Armenia

Mirhav hotel is a newly built hotel with 15 simple but stylish rooms. The hotel has been built according to traditional architectural style of Goris. Facilities include a good restaurant and a large garden overlooking the river

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Silk Road Tours offer private tailor made journeys to Armenia.

Nestled in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, landlocked Armenia is a little-known gem with a fascinating past. The first country to officially adopt Christianity in the 301AD, it is a land of ancient churches and monasteries, many of which were hidden away in deep wooded valleys or built on rocky spurs to shield them from attack. The views from some of the monasteries, such as Tatev, Sanahin and Haghpat, are almost as majestic as the buildings themselves. Christianity is not just confined to medieval ruins, however, and is very much part of post-Soviet Armenian culture – it is not unusual to come across a church service or Christening even on a short visit..

With a history stretching back over the millennia, the country is filled with ancient sites, ranging from the Bronze Age stone circles at Karahunj to the incredible cave settlement at Khndzoresk and the surreal field of carved khachkars at Noraduz. Armenia’s pivotal trading role is brought to life in the high and remote Silk Road caravanserai on the Selim Pass, and the cultural melting pot of its capital city, Yerevan.

Armenia offers much more than unusual architecture and religious buildings. With an average altitude of close to 1500m, breathtaking mountain scenery and deep wooded valleys are the order of the day here. The hospitable people will make any visitor feel welcome, and the Persian, Arab and Ottoman traders who passed through the country throughout the centuries left their indelible mark on the mouthwatering cuisine.

Travel Information

Time Zone – GMT + 4
Best Times to Visit – April through to early October
Visas – UK passport holders no longer require a visa.
Currency – Armenian Dram (AMD) obtainable on arrival

Cities to Visit

Silk Road Tours' tailor made trips can visit many places including: