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Silk Road Tours

Silk Road Tours offer tailor made holidays through Central Asia, The Caucasus, Middle East and North Africa


Shiraz, famous for its roses, actually contains few historical sights given its long history but is the gateway to a wealth of archaeological sites. Bagh-i Eram, or Eram Gardens, are lovely set of gardens built by a former governor of Shiraz and then used by the former Shah. The house is now home to the university Law Faculty and not open to visitors but the gardens themselves are an excellent place to view the famous Shirazi roses. In the centre of the city the citadel is the best preserved 18th century example in Iran and close by there is the excellent Water Museum which gives a fascinating insight into the ancient Qanat water system – so vital to this part of Iran. Perhaps the highlight for many visitors to Iran is the trip to Persepolis, some 50kms from Shiraz, the ancient capital of Cyrus The Great which was sacked by Alexander the Great and the close by Achaemenid rock cut tombs at Naqsh-i Rostam. For those with more time to stay in Shiraz, Bishapur built by Roman prisoners in the 260’s AD certainly warrants to day trip as does Sassanian palace at Firouzabad the journey to which passes through some striking scenery.