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Tehran, Iran’s capital, is a bustling metropolis of around 9 million people (16 million if you include the metropolitan area. It is a relatively new city having been chosen as Iran’s capital in 1796 by Agha Mohammed Khan so that he could be close to his territories in the Caucasus – then part of Iran. As a relatively new city it lacks many of the historical sights to be found in many other Iranian cities, the highlight perhaps being the Golestan Palace built to be royal residence during the Qajar Dynasty. Tehran does however possess and excellent collection of museums perhaps the best of which are the National Museum which houses an impressive selection of artefacts from across Iran and also the Jewellery Museum which has an outstanding collection of precious jewellery from Iran’s long past – truly the treasures of Persia that can’t fail to impress. As such as large city Tehran does suffer from chronic traffic problems and pollution – made worse by the surrounding mountains that trap the pollution in an inversion layer. Four metro lines have been built in an attempt to ease the congestion but much more needs to be done – much time can be spent travelling around Tehran stuck in traffic jams. As the main entry point for most visitors to Iran it certainly does warrant a half day tour.