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Tours that visit Jordan

  • Lost City of Petra - 5 Days
  • Discover the ‘rose red city’ of Petra on this short tour, which also includes the fine Crusader castle of Kerak and the famous mosaics of Madaba.

  • Highlights of Jordan - 7 Days
  • This compact tour of Jordan takes in its key highlights, with a whole day devoted to its most spectacular and iconic site – the rose-red city of Petra. Delve into Jordan’s fascinating history with visits to the Roman city of Jerash and the famous mosaics at Madaba and Umm al Rasas, and discover its natural side as you have a unique swimming experience in the Dead Sea and take a 4-hour jeep safari in the deserts of Wadi Rum.

  • Treasures of Jordan - 10 Days
  • A comprehensive tour taking in Jordan’s breathtaking variety of historical and archaeological sites. Wander the streets of Roman cities, discover magnificent Crusader castles, explore early Islamic hunting lodges and the incredible Nabatean city of Petra, and journey deep into the red sands of Wadi Rum before relaxing in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea.

Featured Hotels

Marriott Dead Sea, Jordan

The Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa is a modern resort located on the shore of the Dead Sea, at nearly 400 m below sea level. All rooms are well furnished and feature balconies or terraces. Five restaurants and five bars offer a wide range of culinary options. The hotel also features indoor and outdoor pools, a children’s pool with water slide as well as equipped fitness centre, tennis court and Spa. The hotel grounds drop down steeply to a private beach at the shores of the Dead Sea.

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In most people’s minds Jordan is synonymous with the ‘Rose Red City’ of Petra, and while this incredible archaeological gem rightly has its place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there is far more to see and explore in this compact country. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, and its mineral-rich mud is revered for its health-giving properties. David Lean shot his classic film Lawrence of Arabia amongst the sandstone cliffs of Wadi Rum, which offers unparalleled desert scenery. Jordan’s history dates back thousands of years, and within its borders you will find Bronze Age settlements, Hellenistic and Roman sites, Crusader castles and buildings from the period of Ottoman rule.

The Roman city of Jerash, with its famous oval precinct, is one the most complete ancient cities in the region, whilst Madaba, Mount Nebo and Umm Al Rasas feature some of best-preserved mosaics of the late Roman / early Byzantine period. The crusader castles of Ajloun, Karak and Shobak demonstrate its importance during this turbulent period, and the little-visited early Islamic hunting lodges and caravanserais in the desert to the east of Amman offer a fascinating glimpse of Jordan’s role on the Asian trade routes.

The capital city, Amman, is rapidly expanding and developing, yet as in all Middle Eastern countries the Jordanians maintain a strong affinity with their semi nomadic past. The national cuisine is heavily influenced by that of the Bedouin, with tasty dishes such as Gibir – chicken, rice, nuts and raisins all cooked together in a large earthenware dish. Though overwhelmingly Muslim, the people have a tolerant and relaxed outlook as well as legendary hospitality, making Jordan one of the friendliest places in the world to visit.

Travel Information

Time Zone = GMT + 2
Best Times to Visit – May to October
Visas – UK passport holders, visa stamp on arrival
Currency – Jordanian Dinar (JOD) obtainable before travel