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Tajikistan is possibly the most remote and least known of all the Central Asian countries. Half of this small landlocked country lies at over 3000m, and the beautiful Fan and Pamir Mountains offer some great trekking and hiking opportunities.

Culturally the country is fascinating, with many different tribes descended from the Persians whose empire once stretched across Central Asia, and with a sizeable minority of Russians. The nomadic way of life is still pursued by many, and Islam is the dominant religion.

Tajikistan’s remote nature, and the small numbers of visitors means that tourism is still very much in its infancy here. The infrastructure for travellers is limited, and accommodation and other services can be rather basic, but the rewards for visiting this far-flung and little-known country are the opportunities to tread where few have been before, and to travel through an emerging country in relative solitude, allowing for excellent interaction with the friendly locals.

Travel Information

Time Zone – GMT + 5
Best Times to Visit – Late May to September
Visas – UK passport holders obtain before travel, Letter of Introduction not required
Currency – Tajikistani Somoni (TJS) obtainable on arrival